segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2008

social innovation camp....

algo a conferir:

A great deal of interest surrounds 'web 2.0′ tools - social networking, RSS, wikis and so forth. Yet what's really important about these pieces of software is not how clever their coding is but what they actually do.

Web 2.0 tools turn the online world into a social space - they are the 'social web'. They tap into and support a user's desire to connect, contribute and collaborate with others.

This has some important effects. Not only does the social web enable individuals to create things for themselves, but as increasing numbers of people use the web in this way, the network that they are building becomes more than the sum of its individual parts.

The Social Innovation Camp is interested in how this phenomenon in the online world can be used to create better solutions to social problems in the real world.

This is based on the premise that individuals want to produce � and are capable of producing - better outcomes for themselves, provided they are given the tools and support to do so.

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