quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

metareciclagem no lift 10 talk

Once a land with little access to information technology, Brazil has seen a fast growth in the last decade as both commercial internet increased and government “digital inclusion” programs were implemented. The number of brazilians with access to the internet is still relatively small (67 million people out of a population of 192 million), but increasing in a fast pace (~75% growth in three years).

On a par with brazilian socially-aware popular cultures, an interconnected digital culture has been fostered. Brazilian people are avid users of internet (an estimated 48 hours a month). As early as 2004 with Orkut, Brazilians were already in the social network craze that only a couple years later hit the world with Facebook. For some time, Brazilian IPs were forbidden from creating new user profiles on Fotolog.net, as they were using too much bandwidth.

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